Corporate Biography and Business Performance

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Corporate Biography

  • The American Pop Corn Company, makers of JOLLY TIME® Pop Corn, is a full-line popcorn processor and supplier, producing a wide variety of products, among them microwave popcorn, popcorn in poly bags and jars, and an array of specialty popcorn products.  Popcorn is – and always has been – the Company's only business.

  • In 1914, Cloid H. Smith, the founding father of popcorn, and his son, Howard, set up shop in the basement of their Sioux City, Iowa, home where they shelled, cleaned and packaged the first branded popcorn in the U.S. Smith called his company the American Pop Corn Company and named his popcorn “JOLLY TIME.”

  • In its first year, the American Pop Corn Company sold 75,000 pounds of popcorn. By 1929, yearly sales of JOLLY TIME® Pop Corn surpassed 10 million pounds. Before long, popcorn – under the JOLLY TIME® banner – was available in general stores, grocery stores and supermarkets everywhere!

  • In 1984, the American Pop Corn Company made the leap into microwave popcorn with the launch of JOLLY TIME® Butter Flavored Microwave Pop Corn.Other varieties followed, and in May 2003, the milestone billionth bag of JOLLY TIME® Pop Corn was produced.

  • The grandson and great-grandsons of the founder now run the family-owned company.

  • JOLLY TIME® Pop Corn products have continuously carried the Good Housekeeping Seal since 1925, longer than any other product.

  • For over 90 years, JOLLY TIME® Pop Corn has been committed to popping fun for everyone.

Business Performance

  • Over one billion bags of JOLLY TIME® Microwave Pop Corn have been sold. JOLLY TIME® is sold from coast to coast in all 50 states, and also in 25 foreign countries.

  • Blast O Butter® Microwave Pop Corn and Healthy Pop® 94% Fat Free Microwave Pop Corn are the brand’s top selling items.

Manufacturing Facilities

  • About 130 farmers grow popcorn for the company on about 20,000 acres primarily in Nebraska and Iowa.

  • The American Pop Corn Company, located in Sioux City, Iowa, employs almost 180 employees, some of whom are the second and third generations to work for the company.