Bulk Popcorn

JOLLY TIME® makes great-tasting, full-volume popcorn, which translates into BIG profits for you!

A single serving of popped JOLLY TIME® Pop Corn that typically sells for $1.00 costs just 18¢-20¢ to produce. That amounts to an 80 to 82 percent profit in every bag or carton!

Gold Mine Yellow Pop Corn and Little Wonder White Pop Corn – Our Best Sellers

Packaged in 50-lb cases (four 12.5-lb poly bags). These bags are easy to handle and keep the popcorn fresh longer, which ensures a better pop.

A Variety of Popcorn for Every Need

Through years of extensive seed research, JOLLY TIME® has developed numerous exclusive, high-popping hybrids to accommodate the different needs of our popcorn customers.

  • Medium Yellow: 68-74 kernels per 10 grams. 43+ expansion, most popular option for concession/movie theater popping.

  • Mushroom Yellow: 65-70 kernels per 10 grams. 34-36 expansion – the favorite for coating. Also great for Kettle Corn

  • White: 90-100 kernels per 10 grams. 37-38 expansion, “the connoisseur’s choice.” The most tender of all varieties.

Contact us by e-mail or phone 712-239-1232 for full details and pricing. We accept credit cards, too!