Why didn't my popcorn pop?

Nothing can be more disappointing than getting ready to eat a big batch of popcorn, only to open the bag and find a bunch of unpopped kernels! There are a few reasons why popcorn may not pop as it should:

Moisture level
As popcorn kernels age, they tend to lose moisture, the ingredient that causes popcorn to "pop." To prevent this, unpopped popcorn should be kept on a room-temperature pantry shelf in a sealed container.

Popcorn has a shelf life of about 18 months; after that, the moisture level drops. But who would leave a delicious bag of JOLLY TIME Pop Corn sitting on a shelf for that long?!

Types of Corn
Although there are three basic types of corn, there is only one popcorn.

Types of corn:

  • Field Corn (used as feed for livestock)

  • Sweet Corn (corn-on-the-cob, canned corn)

  • Popcorn (containing hard starch, which, along with the interior moisture, enables popping)

  • Unlike popcorn, the field and sweet corn varieties do not have the hard starch necessary for popping.