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JOLLY TIME® brand history

JOLLY TIME® Pop Corn, America’s first-ever brand of popcorn, has been popping up fun since 1914!  Although the packaging has changed over the years, the great taste, value and wholesome goodness of popcorn has endured.

Packaging was one of the initial challenges facing the company during the early years.  It was discovered that the popcorn from the first package, a one-pound cardboard carton, was drying out and producing

lower-than-normal popping volume.  JOLLY TIME® took the problem to the experts at American Can Company in Chicago, which resulted in the development of a metal, air-tight can for popcorn.

The company’s promise of Guaranteed to Pop*, plus packaging in a metal can, were important “firsts” for the popcorn industry, and sparked a dramatic increase in the sale of packaged popcorn. 

Pictured left to right: a resealable can (1927); the first package, a one-pound cardboard carton (1914); red popcorn can (1945); first hermetically-sealed popcorn can (1925); Mirro Magic Popper (circa 1960s); current Blast O Butter® Microwave Pop Corn package.    

* In 1925, JOLLY TIME® Pop Corn earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.  This recognition still stands today, and JOLLY TIME® has the distinction of maintaining this honor longer than any other food product.