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Our Story

Family owned since 1914.

JOLLY TIME Pop Corn Story

JOLLY TIME has a long history of innovation, hard work and family, all for the sake of making better popcorn.

We strive to make the absolute best popcorn, to give employees the absolute best work environment and have the absolute best time doing so. We take pride in every aspect of what we do and want you to taste it in every delicious kernel of JOLLY TIME Pop Corn, the official snack of happiness!

Our History

From our humble beginnings in a small-town seed store, to our family-run facility of today, JOLLY TIME Pop Corn has a long history as the ā€œOfficial Snack of Happiness.ā€ Watch our history video to learn more about JOLLY TIME, the Smith family, our popcorn innovations, and our dedication to bringing families together throughout the worldā€¦ all with a bowl of popcorn.

100 Years of Good

In 2014, we celebrated our 100th birthday by sharing it with you.
Watch our birthday video to learn a little more about our family and what goes into making JOLLY TIME Pop Corn.

Vintage Image Of Family Enjoying Jolly Time Popcorn

Our Family

For us, making popcorn is a family tradition. And while JOLLY TIME is available in all 50 states and 23 different countries, we would be nowhere without our roots in our humble, midwestern beginnings.

In 1914, the Smith family started the American Pop Corn Company. Over a century later, we are still family owned and operated by the descendants of Cloid H. Smith.

But being a family business doesn’t depend entirely on last names. Our employees, our growers and our customers are all part of the JOLLY TIME extended family.

Vintage Image Of The Original Jolly Time Popcorn Building

Our Growers

Part of what makes JOLLY TIME so special are our multi-generation farm families weā€™ve been working with for decades.

From planting to harvest, their dedication makes its way into every bag of popcorn we sell.
Learn more about our growers and what makes them special.

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