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Happy News,
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JOLLY TIME News is the breath of fresh air you've been waiting for.
We focus on all of the happy things happening in the world ...
you know, that good news that puts a smile on your face.

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Latest Happy News

Posted November 29, 2022

Disney Princess Makes Deaf Teen’s Vacation Unforgettable

Whether it be firework shows, exhilarating roller coaster rides, or just a savory favorite treat, Disney is known for its special moments. For Zoe, an 11-year-old deaf Texas teen, a shocking surprise left her recent vacation with an interaction she’ll never forget.

Posted November 29, 2022

Grandma Receives Regular Visits From Owl And Family Believe It’s A Sign

Chances are most people’s last six months haven’t been as eventful as this 98-year-old grandma’s. Last February, a horned owl appeared on Ranna’s balcony in Phoenix, AZ, and it’s become a regular guest ever since, visiting her at least monthly, sometimes even daily, as specified by Inspire More!

Posted November 1, 2022

Granddaughter finds her forever love

Submitted by JOLLY TIME Pop Corn fan, Diane Boyd. “Our eldest granddaughter, Kaylee, found her forever love (Franz) in college and 8 years later we’re celebrating with the biggest party of the year!” We love this Happy News and wishing continued bliss to Kaylee & Franz!

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