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Posted June 13, 2023

10-Year-Old Toronto Boy Overwhelmed by Community Support

JOLLY TIME® Happy News: 10-Year-Old Toronto Boy Overwhelmed by Community Support

Hard work always pays off. David Hove, a 10-year-old Toronto boy, put determination to the test as he opened up a small scone business on the side of his street in hopes to raise enough money to buy himself an Xbox gaming system. However, when Hove stepped away for a break one day, his entire stand was stolen.

CTV News Toronto aired his story in an effort to spread awareness of the situation. It didn’t take long for people to catch wind of the unfortunate event and begin to help. “Lots of people are giving support and willing to donate stuff,” Hove shared with CTV. Individuals all throughout the neighborhood began to chip in with a new table, a cooler, even buying more scones baked by his older sister to help the cause.

But it didn’t stop there—the biggest shock came when a representative of Stadia Glass and Door stopped by to deliver a brand new Xbox gaming system. “I’m about to cry,” declared Hove. David’s father was also moved by the generosity: “this shows that there is more good than bad in the world…and that’s a positive thing.” Even though that unexpected gift was the whole point of starting the scone business in the first place, the young boy has decided to continue selling scones explaining he’s now saving up for a car. Talk about motivation, this kid is going places.

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