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Posted April 5, 2024

Childhood Besties Reunite!

JOLLY TIME® Happy News: Childhood Besties Reunite!

Two inseparable pals, with a friendship as timeless as a classic movie night, found themselves separated miles apart for 26 years. One journeyed almost two hours away, while the other ventured all the way to Alaska. Hold on to your kernels, because the universe had a sweet-and-salty surprise in store!In a twist of fate, this dynamic duo found their way back to the place where their friendship first popped!

Just when life threw some unexpected twists—a broken ankle in January and an emergency surgery in August—fate had them a mere 15 miles away. Our pals proved that no matter where life takes you, true friendship will always find its way back. Here’s to the magic of friendship—closer than ever and ready for the next adventure! 37 years of friendship and counting, distance couldn’t even break these two!

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