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Posted November 29, 2022

Disney Princess Makes Deaf Teen’s Vacation Unforgettable

JOLLY TIME® Happy News: Disney Princess Makes Deaf Teen’s Vacation Unforgettable

Whether it be firework shows, exhilarating roller coaster rides, or just a savory favorite treat, Disney is known for its special moments. For Zoe, an 11-year-old deaf Texas teen, a shocking surprise left her recent vacation with an interaction she’ll never forget.

KENS5 New Channel reports that the Tapley family was enjoying a beautiful day at Disneyland® Resort when one of the children in their friend group insisted on meeting beloved favorites, Anna & Elsa from Frozen. Waiting patiently at the character meet-and-greet, Zoe was next in line. Princess Anna noticed immediately that the young teen was deaf and turned to the family asking “can I sign?” in American Sign Language. Her parents thought maybe she knew a few greetings, but were blown away when she started having a full conversation with their daughter.

Zoe and her family were thrilled. Usually her parents are the ones to translate her interactions, but for the first time in forever something magical happened.

It didn’t take long for the pixy dust to spread all throughout the internet; the video went viral almost immediately, with over 2 million views! This is one memory young Zoe may never want to let go.

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