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Posted August 22, 2022

Ingenious Inventor Creates a Bubble Wrap Music Box

JOLLY TIME® Happy News: Ingenious Inventor Creates a Bubble Wrap Music Box

Protective, de-stressing, and now … musical! Bubble wrap has been given a new meaning by Swedish inventor Simone Giertz, who hits the spot you never knew you needed to hit with an unconventional music box.

This machine, which took about a month to build, can play a song by popping bubble wrap into a pan flute. As mentioned by Inspire More, the tune in the video was composed by Simone’s friend, but the possibilities are infinite! We can already hear our jingle pop (even more) thanks to this innovative instrument.

The creator became popular for sharing her impractical designs online, leading to millions of views on YouTube and a witty TED Talk in 2018. Simply put, “The true beauty of making useless things is this acknowledgement that you don’t always know [the answer],” is how she defines her passion.

After playful creations such as an alarm clock that slaps you awake and a lipstick machine that aims anywhere but for your mouth, she’s now selling some of her only-slightly-less-useless products online. Our highlight was finding a popcorn helmet that hand-feeds you the good stuff … brb, we need this like, NOW.

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