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Posted March 17, 2023

Meet the Convertible-Riding Therapy Dog

JOLLY TIME® Happy News: Meet the Convertible-Riding Therapy Dog

Who knew a pomeranian with shades rolling in a red convertible could do so much good? When Jena McKinstry first saw the vehicle on display, she simply said to herself “Oh my gosh she would fit in that and it would be so cute.”

As reported by Click Orlando, she had the toy car for a few months before deciding to record 7-year-old Koda “driving” around the house and in her driveway. That’s when she noticed people pulling their cars over so they could take photos with her and thought “This is something. This isn’t just me enjoying this. Other people really like this.”

In 2020, McKinstry started posting videos under the account Koda The Fluff—that’s what they call her because she looks like a marshmallow. Two years later, they have a worldwide following!

“I really love her on social media because she can impact millions of people and make their day better,” McKinstry explains. “We can only visit a limited amount of people but through her videos, we can impact the world.”

Jena has started a nonprofit called Smiles Fur Miles, Inc., for which Koda is, of course, the founding member. The program plans to add more trained therapy pets to drive tiny cars and visit first responders, businesses, schools, and police departments. After seeing Koda’s effect on people, we have no doubt this will be a success.

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