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Posted December 9, 2022

Meet The Most Pampered Alpaca In The World

JOLLY TIME® Happy News: Meet The Most Pampered Alpaca In The World

Pets are wonderful companions that fill our lives with joy and purpose. At times, they even fill up all of our lives … and then some. This is the case for Dannie’s alpaca, Annie.

Dannie has owned Annie, and a number of other alpacas over a 14-year span. Though Annie is different from the rest of her kind. She stays away from the herd and only socializes with her human family and their three labradoodles; acting more like a dog herself sometimes.

Rejected by her mother at birth, she was nursed at home since she was young, originally fed every two hours, and even slept indoors. Unfortunately, her in-house privileges have been revoked due to her inability to stop chewing wires and opening doors with her mouth. Don’t be fooled, she’s still treated like royalty as Dannie chauffeurs her around in the back of a Vauxhall Zafira town car specifically bought for her.

Reported by Good News Network, Annie recently received big news: she’s now pregnant! The family is unsure how she will take to motherhood, but Dannie’s hoping she’ll get over her social anxiety and become one with her furry tribe again.

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