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Posted April 5, 2024

Popping with Imagination: The Seacrest Siblings’ Enchanting Tale

JOLLY TIME® Happy News: Popping with Imagination: The Seacrest Siblings’ Enchanting Tale

Siblings Ryan Seacrest and Meredith Seacrest-Leach are set to sprinkle a little magic into the lives of young readers everywhere. The duo recently announced their debut children’s book, “The Make-Believers,” scheduled for a fall release by Simon & Schuster
Books for Young Readers. The book is beautifully illustrated by Bonnie Lui, known for her ability to bring stories to life with her whimsical drawings.

Drawing inspiration from their own childhood adventures in the suburbs of Atlanta, Ryan and Meredith have crafted a narrative that emphasizes the power and importance of imagination. Through “The Make-Believers,” they aim to encourage children to dream big and share those dreams with the world, much like sharing a bowl of popcorn! Their story underscores the belief that imagination is not just a source of entertainment, but a crucial tool for aspiring to greatness and exploring life beyond everyday. It’s a message that resonates deeply, reminding us all that within every child lies the potential to create, inspire, and make-believe.

The Seacrest siblings are no strangers to making a positive impact, particularly through the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which brings creative outlets to children in pediatric hospitals. Their commitment to enriching the lives of young people shines through in their diverse endeavors, from media and entertainment to philanthropy. As October 8 approaches, get ready to pop your favorite flavor of JOLLY TIME, and dive into a story that proves anything is possible when you let your imagination POP!

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