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Posted January 18, 2024

Santa Claus on Wheels: Bus Driver Spreads Holiday Cheer

JOLLY TIME® Happy News: Santa Claus on Wheels: Bus Driver Spreads Holiday Cheer

When it comes to spreading holiday cheer, Paul Opeilski, a bus driver in the Pennsbury School District, is bringing the JOLLY! For the past few school days, he’s dressed in Santa Claus’ classic red suit and white beard, to become everyone’s favorite Santa on wheels.

One parent, Van Hise, captured the magic in a Facebook post, saying, “If you need a dose of joy this morning … meet the wonderful bus driver who takes my kids to and from school. This morning he pulled up dressed as Santa. (You know I teared up.) So grateful for this man and his spirit!”

Paul’s cheerful greetings bring smiles to everyone’s faces. No matter the season, his infectious spirit brightens the day, making every ride feel magical!

According to patch.com, Paul Opeilski has been a part of the school district since 2015 and has consistently spread kindness. At the start of the year, he would greet the students with a cheerful “good morning” and an “all aboard.” By the week’s end, all the children were joining in with his chorus!

Paul Opeilski’s holiday spirit makes every day a little brighter!

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