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Posted May 16, 2023

Small Town Rallies Around Farmer in Need

JOLLY TIME® Happy News: Small Town Rallies Around Farmer in Need

Community is everything in a small town, and in Frost, Minnesota, where the population is less than 200, it’s no different. Though community isn’t just a word, it’s fellowship; a place of interest and commonality for those to look after one another. For third-generation farmer Scott Legried, this was a lesson he learned firsthand when he needed it most.

Legried was driving to pick up some gravel to help a local farm when a German Shepherd puppy ran out in front of his truck. He swerved out of the way to avoid the dog, but toppled into a ditch on a neighboring cornfield. Banged up, he wasn’t able to call for help. Luckily, a woman driving by was able to call 911.

When the dust settled, Legried had a broken shoulder blade and collarbone, seven broken ribs, two cracked vertebrae, and a collapsed lung, in addition to a concussion. Only six weeks away from harvest—his main source of income—and physically unable to operate his machinery, he was in a worrisome spot.

Fortunately, by the time he was out of surgery at the hospital, the majority of the town had caught wind of his unfortunate accident and was already putting a plan in motion to help.
The Washington Post reports over 18 farmers showed up to help the farmer during his time of need. “It’s what people do here,” he said. “When somebody offers you help here, you know you should take it. Because it comes from the heart” said Legried. “One day, I hope I’m able to pay the favor back.”

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