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Posted December 18, 2023

Sweet Success: Chocolate Inspirations Pops

JOLLY TIME® Happy News: Sweet Success: Chocolate Inspirations Pops

From The Daily Herald, Pam Vieau, the master chocolatier, turned her passion for sweet creations into a thriving business called Chocolate Inspirations. Together with her business partner and daughter, Marcy, they’re spreading happiness from their chocolate
kitchen in Roselle, Illinois.

Inspired by culinary classes and a love for all things chocolate, their delicious chocolates, including Cinnamon Toast Toffee and Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bark, are making smiles stretch from Thanksgiving to Mother’s Day. With the help of Pam’s 95-year-old mom, Charlotte, they’re shipping these sweet delights all across the U.S. Maybe it’s time to make a popcorn inspired chocolate!

Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself, Chocolate Inspirations proves that life is sweeter when you follow your passion. Sometimes it’s the little things like a mouthwatering chocolate, that make your day POP! Like JOLLY TIME, we love
supporting family businesses that are spreading JOLLY TIMES!!

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