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Posted December 4, 2023

Taylor Swift’s Heartstrings: A Symphony of Generosity

JOLLY TIME® Happy News: Taylor Swift’s Heartstrings: A Symphony of Generosity

When it comes to making an impact, Taylor Swift is proving that her music isn’t the only
thing that pops! The Eras Tour is causing a sensation, not only in music, but in the hearts of many. It’s all about spreading that kernel of kindness!

As Taylor crisscrosses the nation, she’s doing more than just hitting the high notes. Reported by Good News Network, at each tour stop, Taylor Swift is showering US food banks with generous donations, helping them provide for countless Americans in need. It all began in Arizona, where she handed over a large check to the Arizona Food Bank Network. That donation was substantial enough to fill tractor-trailers with 40,000 pounds of fresh produce, and it reinforced benefit programs for kids who rely on school meals and seniors who rely on food stamps.

Taylor’s kindness didn’t stop there! From Seattle to Las Vegas and beyond, her gifts kept popping like JOLLY TIME! The CEO of Three Square Food Bank, Beth Martino, puts it, “It’s really meaningful to get a gift from someone who, like Taylor Swift, has the ability to bring so much attention to our cause.”

As Taylor’s Eras Tour continues to pop its way, we can’t help but celebrate the superstar who’s proving that her heart is big enough to share kindness far and wide.

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