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Posted January 24, 2023

This Yankee Fan Waited 70 Years For His Dream to Come True

JOLLY TIME® Happy News: This Yankee Fan Waited 70 Years For His Dream to Come True

What’s something you’ve been waiting for your whole life? This die-hard Yankee fan turned 70 and had still never been to a live game!

For his birthday, the man’s family started by gifting him Jeter’s—whom his granddaughter Esmy says he loves—jersey, followed by a classic, branded baseball cap that made him immediately toss away the one he was wearing. Upon revealing the final piece of the present, he thought it was a joke: “We’re going to Yankees stadium? Really? I’ve never been!” The news sank in as he tried on his new official shirt and began to tear up, a sight his relatives had never seen before.

Inspire More reports that after the vast engagement generated by the TikTok video, Esmy decided to share the big day with the world: She and her grandpa, both dressed in full gear, watching the game just a few feet away from the grass. We can hear him say: “I’m excited!” while face-timing his son, who couldn’t join them.

The grandfather made sure everyone was aware of this special moment by holding up a sign reading: “I’m the biggest Yankee’s fan! I turn 70 and this is my 1st time at Yankee stadium!!” This is just an example of how life is full of surprises, and we can only imagine what a great one this must have been for him.

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