JOLLY TIME recognizes the 2.2 million plus brave men and women that serve in the United States military, many of whom are stationed abroad. As their proud friends and family, let's pop over a care package to show them that we're thinking of them!

Once a month, we will host a JOLLY TIME care package giveaway. For a chance to send one to a military member you know, simply fill out this form below.

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Jolly Time For Troops Care Package Winners

Photo of Timothy Baker, US Coast Guard
Timothy Baker, US Coast Guard

Timothy has served for over 15 years. He sacrifices everyday for his men and his country. He even overcame a brain tumor and went right back to serving three months later! A huge thank you from all of us to Timothy and all the others that sacrifice so much for our freedoms!

Photo of Jamie Stevenson, US Air Force
Jamie Stevenson, US Air Force

Jamie was nominted by her proud mom, Wanda. Wanda shares "This year has been a year of changes for my daughter from Basic to Tech School and, she graduated with honors and top of her class!" Thank you Jamie and all those who serve to protect our freedoms!

Photo of Anthony Reyes, US Marines
Anthony Reyes, US Marines
North Carolina

Nominated by his wife Sabrina, she shares "My husband is currently deployed and loves our country. He is proud to serve, even when it separates hIm from his family." Thank you to Anthony and all those that make daily sacrfices to protect our freedoms.

Photo of Matt Brown, US Coast Guard
Matt Brown, US Coast Guard

Matthew is a passionate, dedicated service man who would do anything for his country and literally anyone around him. He was recently promoted to Captain, he takes his job as a life mission to serve others. He is humble, selfless and extremely hard working. Now a new father, he has taken on a new role and couldn't be happier to have someone to share his popcorn.

Photo of Wayne Hall, US Army
Wayne Hall, US Army

Wayne was nominated by his proud mother, Marie. She's so proud that her son is a US Army Ranger! Marie shares, "He was born to serve our Country! He was all about his GI Joes and anything military since he was a little boy. He joined straight from high school and has excelled to reach his goal of being an elite Army Ranger. His family and friends are beyond proud of him!!!"

Photo of Gary Wicker, US Army
Gary Wicker, US Army

Gary's daughter, Melissa shares "Not only is Gary my dad, he is the toughest Combat infantry Soldier out there! He is now retired, but through his 22 years in service, it seems as though he was always training with his troops. From repelling mountains in California, guarding a former POTUS, dive training in Panama and serving as riot patrol in Los Angeles for the Rodney King riots, just to name a few of his accomplishments. My Dad has always been an amazing father to me, a great husband (maintaining a strong 39 yr marriage) to my mom and now Papa to his grandchildren is his highest priority."

Photo of Jackye Lyles, US Navy
Jackye Lyles, US Navy

Jackye was nominated by her father who is also a Navy veteran, her proud father shared, "Jackye is my daughter, she joined to be a Corpsman. She enlisted right out of high school and did her basics at Orlando Naval Training Center. After graduating she received orders to Camp Lejeune Marine Base. After her discharge, she joined the Active Reserve until she retired. In her civilian life, she is a wife and mother of two boys and a daughter. She has completed her BSN and is working on getting a family practitioner nurse (FPN) degree. Jackye has worked very hard to get where she is today and I am so incredibly proud of her!"

Photo of Cheyenne Lanham, US Air Force
Cheyenne Lanham, US Air Force

Cheyenne was nominated by her proud mother who shared, "Cheyenne is an amazing daughter who selflessly serves in the United States Air Force as a maintainer on F-17 fighter jets!" From all of us, THANK YOU for your service Cheyenne!

Photo of Rian Reiter, US Army
Rian Reiter, US Army

Rian was nominated by his wife, Andrea, who shared, "My husband has been nothing short of perfect. He is the most caring medic that will always go above and beyond for his patients, his family and most importantly, the United States of America!" Thank you for your dedication and service Rian! 

Photo of Jordan Jager, US Army
Jordan Jager, US Army

Jordan was nominated by his wife Cheyenne who shared, "I'm one very proud Army wife! Jordan had joined the Army to benefit our family. It really sucks when he's away but soon we'll be together. It's really hard for him to be away from us. But he is my hero and my number one. And I thank God everyday for bringing him home."

Photo of Bria Aviles, US Marines
Bria Aviles, US Marines

"My daughter is my hero and to watch her grow as a a mature adult in the Marine Corp sends a message to other girls out there that NOTHING is impossible!"

Tara Fecho (Bria's mom)

Photo of David St. John, US Army
David St. John, US Army

David was nominated by family member Rachel who shared, "David, is a first Generation soldier in our family, and we couldn't be more proud to call him our's. He has the kindest heart and drive to make the world a better place one soldier at a time."

Photo of Travis Chambers, US Army
Travis Chambers, US Army

Travis has worked very hard to achieve everything during his time in the US Army.  He leads by example and inspires soldiers around him.  He takes the time to help his soldiers learn their craft, encourages them, and commends them which leads to better self-confidence for the soldier to complete their mission.

Photo of Kevin Kanemitsu, US Army
Kevin Kanemitsu, US Army
Active Duty Overseas

Lt. Kanemitsu was nominated by fellow US Army member, Kae Perez.  Kae shared, "Kevin is from Hawaii and ALWAYS share his mom's care packages of tropical treats with all of his teammates. This would be a great surprise to treat Kevin back!" On behalf of all of us at JOLLY TIME... enjoy the popcorn and other goodies. It's just a small token of the appreciation we have for you and all the military members! Thank you for your service!

Photo of Aaron Grubbs, US Navy
Aaron Grubbs, US Navy
Jacksonville, FL

Aaron was nominated by his wife, Michelle. She shared, "I would like to nominate my husband!  This time last year he was gone on a 6 month deployment and missed birthdays, the last day of school, the first day of school and so much more.  He loves his family and I want to show him some love and how much we appreciate him!"

On behalf of all of us at JOLLY TIME Pop Corn, a sincere thank you to Aaron for serving our wonderful country and his amazing family for sharing their husband and father with us to protect our freedoms!