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Posted May 19, 2021 in

What do the nutritional numbers mean in the nutritional panel?

Where our popcorn products require cooking before consumption, you will find they are labeled with two columns of nutritional values.

The nutritional values in the first column (the left) are based on an approximate amount of uncooked popcorn to be one serving; that is just over one ounce or approximately 2 Tablespoons and normally yields 4 to 5 cups of popped corn when cooked. The nutritional values in the column to the right represent the values after the popcorn has been popped and is divided into one-cup amounts.

On the product pages on our website, we have the popped, 1 cup nutritional information listed in the chart below the product description.

Cooking methods vary for whole kernel popcorn, such as air-popping, or stovetop popping with oil. Our nutritional information is provided on whole kernel packaging as air-popped for this reason.

For our ready-to-eat popcorn snacks, there are slight differences, such as a serving size is precisely one ounce as required for a prepared snack and the nutritional values are not declared on a per-cup basis.

However you enjoy your popcorn from JOLLY TIME, we hope you find this information helpful in making dietary choices that help you thrive!
For more complete information on dietary recommendations and all information contained in the nutrition facts, we recommend viewing the FDA’s website on nutritional labeling.

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