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Posted October 13, 2023

Students Go Wild After Teacher Accepts a Dance-off Challenge

JOLLY TIME® Happy News: Students Go Wild After Teacher Accepts a Dance-off Challenge

Working hard is important, but so is taking proper breaks. The Sumner High School & Academy
in Riverview, Florida knows what we’re talking about.

During a well-deserved exam break, they turned some music on and the children got pumped!
So much so in fact, that they ended up having a dance-off! However, it wasn’t among who you’d
imagine… An 8th grader got groovy and challenged none other than a teacher.

As reported by Upworthy, the boy was so immersed in the music he didn’t realize what he’d
done until it was too late, but Ms. Yolanda Turner proved she was up for it—and the students
went wild.

“I really try to emphasize for kids to be their authentic selves and to really never be afraid to
express who they are no matter who’s watching,” preaches Ms. Turner.

The scene was shared online and, of course, it spread like wildfire. It just goes to show what an
important role teachers play in and out the classroom. We hope this inspires other schools to
take breaks as seriously as this one does.

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