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Posted September 21, 2023

Teen Gets Rewarded for Doing the Right Thing

JOLLY TIME® Happy News: Teen Gets Rewarded for Doing the Right Thing

How often do you think lost wallets are returned to their owners? You may be positively surprised … According to a 2019 global study by the University of Michigan and the University of Zurich, 57% of Americans would return a wallet with cash inside, and this Chula Vista teen is a great example of it.

Adrian Rodriquez didn’t hesitate to go out of his way to return a purse he had found at a local Ralph’s parking lot. Its owner, Eliana Martin, hadn’t changed her address since moving out, so her former roommate’s relative was the one who opened the door when the boy showed up.

As NBC San Diego reports, when Martin and her old roommate, Melina Marquez, later saw the front door recording, they were surprised to see such a young kid and decided to post the video online to find him so they could show their appreciation.

At their meeting, it was Adrian who was caught off guard: the women shared with him the results of an online fundraiser created in his honor, amounting to over $1,000 in less than a day. “Every parent right now hopes that their children grow up to be just like this young gentleman,” commented Marquez. We agree! Acts of kindness are not done expecting a reward, but it’s always nice to feel acknowledged.

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