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Posted January 18, 2024

The Rolling Tribute Named Daisy B!

JOLLY TIME® Happy News: The Rolling Tribute Named Daisy B!

Get ready for this ‘corn’mendable news! Meet retiree extraordinaire Angela, just a year away from cruisin’ to the post-work life. What’s the secret to her excitement? Well, it’s not just any retirement plan—it’s a lemon yellow 1972 Volkswagen bug named Daisy B!

Daisy B is more than just a set of wheels; she’s a rolling tribute to a dearly missed sister, adding nostalgia to every ride. With the countdown to retirement on, Angela is not just retiring; she’s poppin’ into the next chapter of life with style!

So, let’s raise a kernel—oops, we mean cheers—for Angela and Daisy B who are moving toward joy, memories, and a future filled with sunny rides. When life gives you lemons, turn them into a lemon yellow bug named Daisy B!

Keep your popcorn poppin’ and your dreams rollin’! Submit your happy news story to www.jollytime.com/happynews/.

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