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Posted March 9, 2022 in Movie Nights

Get Romantic With 10 Movie Night Ideas At Home For Couples

A couple curled up watching Netflix together.

Name one thing that is better than curling up with your person, snacking on your favorite popcorn, and a great movie? Don’t be that person who just throws on the same series to binge or movie for the 10th time and call it a day. If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic, date nights are sacred and deserve some special attention—which is why we’ve put together the ultimate list of 10 movie night ideas for couples to make it a night to remember. They don’t call us the Official Snack of Happiness for nothing!

1. Don’t Wait to Choose your Movie!

What’s the fun in wasting 30 minutes scrolling through your streaming apps trying to find something to watch? Maybe you don’t really have to decide at all. Make a game out of choosing your next flick by making a movie date night jar with your fav films written on popsicle sticks! Be sure to include an even number of your favorites, and an even number of your partners to make it fun and fair. The same applies for any binge-worthy series that interest you!

2. Make it An Adventure

If you’re aching for some wanderlust in your life, why not go for an adventurous travel movie? Or better yet, set up your movie to take on the road with you! Grab your coziest blankets, all your snacks and watch your movie by the light of the stars. We’ve got romantic movie nights ideas for every interest!

3. Capture a Theme

Short animated gif showing Michaeal from the Princess Diaries opening a box of pizza with the word SORRY spelled out in M&Ms. Make your movie night memorable with a theme of the Princess Diaries!Short animated gif showing Michaeal from the Princess Diaries opening a box of pizza with the word SORRY spelled out in M&Ms. Make your movie night memorable with a theme of the Princess Diaries!I can’t think of a better way to get immersed in the movie, than by making it a part of your irl set up! Watching the Princess Diaries? Maybe you need a cheese pizza with “Sorry” spelled out in M&M’s. Or maybe you like action films like the Fantastic Four. Even if you can’t heat up your popcorn with your hands like Human Torch, you can still bring it into your theme!

4. Theme Night – But Bigger

Are you in the mood for an Italian themed movie? Enjoy some pizza or pasta and wine. Thinking Greek? Then make your favorite Mediterranean spread. Pick one that is super food forward and try to make that recipe. Pizza is always a reliable staple. Popcorn is the must have ultimate snack and the main feature that pairs well with any genre.

5. Elevate Your Popcorn Flavor

Blast O’ Butter is a great go-to, but what if you want to get outside your butter comfort zone. Try upgrading your flavors to a profile that you’ve never tried before. Who knows? It could become your next fav. If you want to whip out your chef’s hat, give one of JOLLY TIME Pop Corn’s flavored popcorn products or recipes a try.
Blast O Butter microwave popcorn box sitting next to a bowl of Blast O Butter popcorn. You can't go wrong with Blast O Butter as a movie night treat!

6. Pop Your Popcorn – Movie Theater Style

Missing the smell of buttery popcorn being popped fresh at your local movie theater? No problem. A retro popcorn machine from JOLLY TIME delivers all the flavor of movie popcorn with a whole lot of style. You can even take it one step further and serve it concession style popcorn boxes!

7. Make it Sweet

Make your movie night even sweeter with yummy candy you can only normally find in theaters. Something with caramel makes a great combo with your favorite JOLLY TIME flavor. You could even make a cute and festive snack box customized to each person’s preferences.

8. Invest in a Projector

Take your movie up a notch with the in-theater feel we’re all craving right about now! To achieve the big screen at home, you’ll need a portable projector and projector screen. Some projectors are even compatible with smart phones and can be projected onto a blank wall if you’re ballin’ on a budget! If you’re feeling extra you could also consider taking the gear outside for a backyard feature.

9. Upgrade your Sound System

Nothing beats the surround sound of a movie theater, but you can create the same effect at home with any compatible Bluetooth speakers. Not to mention, they’re all portable and can go just about anywhere your movie night takes you.

10. Get Cozy

A couple curled up watching Netflix together.As a Midwest based company, we very much understand the importance of being cozy. You just can’t get the experience of being curled up with your S.O. in a movie theater quite like you can at home. So, gather up all of your best blankets and pillows and let’s get this show started!

As we’ve learned during the pandemic; staying at home can be boring… but it doesn’t have to be! We hope you can incorporate some of these 10 movie night ideas for couples into your next date night to make it more enjoyable. As the Official Snack of Happiness, we’re thrilled to be a part of your movie night memories!

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