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Posted October 30, 2023

Suspended Airline Passengers Rent Minivan to Take Cross-Country Trip Home

JOLLY TIME® Happy News: Suspended Airline Passengers Rent Minivan to Take Cross-Country Trip Home

Airline travel has been notably less reliable since the pandemic, and for 23-year-old Alanah Story and 12 other strangers, it became a real concern when all of their flights were suspended. That’s when Story, traveling with her mother and godmother from Orlando to Knoxville, Tennessee had an idea: rent a minivan and drive the 650-mile distance from one to another.

Thankfully, they realized some were having the same thoughts. After rounding up a group of slightly over ten like-minded individuals, they went on to do one of the most epic things ever—across country trip with COMPLETE STRANGERS. Insider.com reports Story, who frequently makes lifestyle content on TikTok for fun, decided to share her unexpected journey with her followers. The video diaries caught wind quickly, getting millions of views overnight.

After making it safe and sound to Knoxville, the newly forged airline family was happy, but more so grateful. Story was interviewed saying “We don’t really get a lot of good news anymore. And this is such a feel-good story.” She added, “This is a story that people were happy to see because they can clearly see all of our differences in the video, and yet we still all came together.” Desperate times call for desperate measures, however, we’re glad that this one had such an incredible positive impact and hope it is the beginning of a long-lasting relationship!

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