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Posted April 16, 2021 in

Pat Green

Growers: Green Family

Our kernels are grown on the best Midwest family farms by folks we have known for generations, literally… meet Pat Green. Pat’s grandfather, Michael, signed the first contract with Cloid Smith, JOLLY TIME’S founder, in the 1930’s. Ever since, the Green Family has been growing JOLLY TIME Pop Corn on their farm near Homer, NE. Located on the outskirts of Homer, along the bluff, their farm is truly picturesque. Pat shares “JOLLY TIME has always had a good product and the Company is an honest company, fair with its growers. JOLLY TIME has been cooperative in everything and anything. I guess you could say JOLLY TIME is a little like family.” Pat is looking forward to the day he’s able to pass the farm over to his daughter Candice, and grand-daughter Emily, making it 5 generations growing JOLLY TIME!

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