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Posted April 29, 2022 in Popcorn

Birthday Party Snack Ideas For Your Kid’s Celebration

Scratching your head when it comes to what to serve at your kid’s party? As the Official Snack of Happiness, we’ve got birthday party snack ideas that will make your guests happy and keep your budget under control.

Consider a JOLLY TIME Pop Corn themed party with an outdoor movie night experience like the one from Lia Griffith. Maybe even a pool party with a popcorn bar. Keeping the kids engaged and entertained is the goal, right? And what better way to do that than with fun food. Since feeding a crowd on a budget can be tough, we’ve rounded up affordable party snack ideas that are sure to please children and parents alike, without upsetting your wallet. Not to mention a popcorn pairing, always fits the bill.

Popcorn bar and gift bags set up as a part of birthday party ideas


Tips and Tricks for Hosting


When you host a kid’s birthday party, you should choose foods that most children can recognize. In addition, let’s not forget that many kids are picky eaters. So, if you make something unique or new, there’s a possibility that they won’t want to try it. One thing you can’t go wrong with is having plenty types of finger foods. That way there is a variety of options for them to choose from!


Here are some crowd-pleasing finger food ideas:





Mini pizzas

Veggies and dip

Loaded nachos


Be sure to check whether any of your guests have food allergies, and avoid food that might cause issues, so everyone can have a great time. And don’t forget the little ones altogether, of course! Although it is not recommended to give toddlers popcorn as it could create a choking risk; there are plenty of foods you can provide. Try easier to chew foods such as bananas, yogurt, and cheese cubes.


You can’t forget that kids always have a sweet tooth! Be sure to add these deserts to your table scape for the ultimate party table scape:



Dirt cups

S’mores (check out this super cool popcorn s’more recipe)

Assorted cookies


Make It Memorable


What better way to get the kids excited and entertained than to throw a party around a theme. We want your guests to feel immersed in the experience – so we’ve got pool party snack ideas, mermaid party snack ideas and even dinosaur party snack ideas to excite any kiddo!


You can make it fun with food coloring, shapes, napkins and cupcake wrappers to carry the theme throughout the party! And believe me, one Google search can open up a world of possibilities for your gathering especially when search birthday party snack ideas.

A photo of two toy dinosaurs, the on the right is holding popcorn kernels while balancing a bowl of popcorn on his head.

Turn your backyard into a Jurassic park movie night! Delight your guests with spicy nacho cheese popcorn, with a fiery bite just like a dinosaur’s and some yummy dino-shaped chicken nuggets. During the movie they can dig for fossils in mini sandboxes and take their treasures home with them for keepsakes.

Popcorn also makes for the perfect pool day snack because it can be served a number of different ways. Elevate your mermaid theme or pool party with sea salt caramel corn in boxes complete with pearlescent scales. Or create your own DIY popcorn bar with sand castle shovels as scoops!

A bowl of popcorn laying on a sandy beach with a beach towel, sunglasses and a box of Simply Popped Butter microwave popcorn.

No matter what the theme or occasion, JOLLY TIME popcorn can heighten the overall experience – that’s why they call us the Official Snack of Happiness.

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